01.    Linda Linko’s series Blush ensemble of paintings and drawings has followed her for many years, waiting for the right moment to be presented. She wanted the series to be formed with a free rein, on its own terms. After the birth of her son, she started painting again; carefully, in small, with watercolours – and of him, of course. She describes that the faces soon turned into self-portraits, and thus, over time, into one or another. In looking for the size and technique, Linko did not want to become too fixated on one thing. To her, it is not who the piece portrays that is relevant, but rather, how it's portrayed – the level from which we look at each other.

“The characters in my works do not owe me anything. Showing empathy and sensitivity without stepping into a trap is difficult, and maybe that's why it's so interesting. Every piece has its own identity, and I am just a middleman; an interpreter, a giver of form. However, just as they owe me nothing, I also don’t own them. As a viewer you get to choose who the works represent: me, someone else, family, a stranger, lover, an idol perhaps. Lay your gaze on them and they’ll gaze back at you.” 
02.    Blush - the exhibition at Lokal Gallery October 2022

'When Eija was a model' 2022 - 92 x 65 cm, ink and acrylic paint on cotton'Taylor' 2017 - 70 x 50 cm, aquarelle, acryl paint and couache on paper 'Mom went to Japan' 2022 - 22 x 30, ink, acryl paint and pencil on canvas'Sketchy dude' 2022 - 28 x 21 cm, mixed media on paper
'My Bitchface is a problem' 2022 - 29 x 21 cm ,mixed mediaon paper'Elisa's Dream' 2022 - 29 x 22 cm, mixed media on paper'Hurmuri' 2022 - 186 x 130 cm, ink, acryl paint, charcoal and gesso on canvas 'Forever Lost Portrait of Inge' 2022 - 80 x 60 cm, ink and acrylic paint on canvas
Exhibition view, Lokal Gallery 2022photography (C) Katja Hagelstam / Lokal


01.    “Girls and women, all dressed into their best dresses, work in a silk factory in the 40’s or 50’s. I am surprised. From photos the process looked still and stiff, but video footage reveals  their movements were fast and lively.  However, behind their focused faces I come to think how were the women really like: What kind of jokes they told, what made them smile, were the girls thinking about boys, what were their wisdom, sorrow? True colors in real life. 

I would not call these artwork as portraits, rather echoes of people who might have worked here. “
02.    Artist-in-residence at Villa Filanda Antonini, October 2022

Exhibitiom view of 'Echoes', Villa Filanda Antonini, Villorba, Italy 2022Exhibitiom view of 'Echoes', Villa Filanda Antonini, Villorba, Italy 2022'Girl with Kokong's' 1 & 2 - 100 x 140 cm, acryl paint on canvas

'Girl with Kokong's' (2) - 100 x 140 cm, acryl paint on canvas
photography / exibition view (C)Federico Marin / VFA

Delphian group show at Saatchi Gallery

Synthesis group show at Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) by Delphian Gallery March 2022.
'Boy from Internet' 2022 - 92 x 65, ink and acrylic paint on canvas
Exhibition view of 'Synthesis', Saatchi Gallery London, 2022Saatchi Gallery, London (UK) 2022


01.    Paintings of Caldera vary from abstract to representational, yet both are united by a desire to capture something inherently human. Sensitivity. Beneath the vibrant and soft lines, there is a bittersweet feeling: the compulsion to move forward when one simply wants to be, to stay still even as an inner burning persists. Often, it is precisely these experiences that leave the most profound imprint. I believe in the power of subtle signals.

“I often describe my process as a snowball or a wispy cloud where movement is scattered. I periodically return to the core, continuing old themes even after years, and the concept of the whole often remains open-ended. Few things in the world have clear outlines.

Painting is a privilege. Painting is a duty. Painting is the best. Painting is observing up close and from afar.”

When a volcano erupts, its center often fractures and collapses. This bowl-shaped depression is known as a caldera.
02.    Exhibited at Marcy Home Gallery by Antonia Hamberg in 2022

'Save the Teen' 2022 – 65 x 92 cm, ink and acrylic paint on cottonExhibition view - Marcy Home Gallery
Kukat pöydällä, 2022 – 120 x 100 cm, acryl paint, ink, oil pastel, spray paint and charcoal on cotton
'Bittersweet' 2022 – 100 x 116 cm, acryl paint, oil pastel, ink, spray paint, charcoal and pencil on cotton'Pose' 2022 – 30 x 38 cm, ink, acryl paint and pencil on cotton'Nazario (dissappearing peacefully to the sea)' 2022 – 130 x 160 cm, ink, acryl paint, oil pastel, charcoal, spray paint and pencil on cotton
'Goth' 2022 – 81 x 100 cm, acryl paint, oil pastel, charcoal, spray paint and pencil on canvas'Dream Baby Dream' (1) 2017 – 50 x 70 cm, aquarelle, gouache, acryl paint and ink on paper'I could be your lover' 2022 – 33 x 44 cm charcoal on cotton
(c) Juliana Irene Smith
(c) Roosa Rauatmaa, installation views