New Forms of Being

01.    The New Forms of Being collection features original works from Linko's personal archives spanning the years 2018-2021. The drawings have emerged from a desire to let go, to be silent for a moment, to strip away all unnecessary elements, to discover something new, and to boldly venture on the border between good and bad taste. Some of the drawings have originated from memory traces—warm ones and those that the artist has deemed important to capture.

02.    Exhibited at Oho Gallery as part of Burst Into exhibition, Helsinki fall 2021. More information here

21 x 30 mixed media on paper21 x 30 mixed media on paper21 x 30 mixed media on paper21 x 30 mixed media on paper
21 x 30 mixed media on paper30 x 42 cm mixed media on paper21 x 30 mixed media on paper21 x 30 mixed media on paperExhibition view, Oho Gallery 2021Photography (c) Paavo Lehtonen


Portrait paintings exhibited at Lokal Gallery group show Spring Salon 2021

'Random Sad Dude' 2021 – 33 x 38 cm, acryl paintand pencil on canvas'Tall' 2021 – 24 x 33, acryl paint and graphite pen on canvas
'Untitled' 2021 – 33 x 35 cm, acryl paintand graphite pen on canvas'Man like a cat' 2021 – 27 x 35 cm, acryl paint and graphite pen on canvas


01.     The series – “Lately, I've been drawing female wrestlers. I am fascinated by the shapes of their bodies,  simultaneously both feminine and masculine extremes. The various manifestations of strength, juxtaposed with sensitivity, have always intrigued me.

Battle is a kind of victory cheer, a resignation from the constantly imposed image of women. The vibrant and boldly executed pieces mock the assumed female rivalry, leaving room for interpretation of the figures as supporting each other—a united force and opportunity.  Cheerfulness is the best weapon.”
02.     The exhibition – Gallery Ahjo, Espoo Cultural Center (FI) August 2021
Exhibition view – Ahjo Gallery, Espoo Cultural Centre, 2021'Liftup' 135 x 220 cm, ink, acryl paint and spray paint on fabric