01.    “ I’m undoing a knot. I'm debating whether it's even okay, in this time and state of the world, to paint with rich colours. Although the saturation of colour represents freedom to me, and not happiness (as is generally thought), painting is now somehow more difficult than before.

I take my painting apart. Surface, lines, areas, finally simply colours. I proceed in small intervals, layer by layer, and thinly, a mark is created. I don't plan. I destroy many works, some I start from scratch. A longing for clarity. The colour palette of legos seems sincere. The end result is landscapes, some kind of deformations on a horizon. “

02.    Knotthe exhibition White Wall, Lokal Gallery, Helsinki 2024

'Glance' 2024 - 35 x 30 cm oil, charcoal and ink on wood panel
'Dance like it's 2008' 2023 - 28 x 35 cm oil and graphite pen on canvas
'Knot 1' 2023 - Oil, gesso, charcoal and dry pastel on canvas
14 x 11 x 7 cm hand-build ceramics, 202313,5 x 12 x 8 cm hand-build ceramics, 2023
15 x 14 x 9,5 cm hand-build ceramics, 202313 x 10,5 x 7 cm hand-build ceramics, 2023
Exhibition view, Lokal Gallery 2024Exhibition view, Lokal Gallery 2024potography (c) Katja Hagelstam, Lokal

Ote / Grip

Ote / Grip is an ongoing project where I explore artistic expression in relation to my background in design and poster art. I am intrigued by the point at which associations form and how we read an image in the moment. It's where the familiar and the unknown lightly brush against each other, capturing the interface of the ephemeral and the timeless.
“ When speaking of graphic design as a language, the emphasis is on interpersonal interaction, seeking the principles related to readability, interpretation, rhetoric, and dramaturgy.

Graphic design as communication involves the development of stylistic and expressive forms to correspond to the images that emerge within human communities over time. How to give shape to things that are only just shifting tectonic plates, anticipating future times

– Tapio Vapaasalo,  Emeritus Professor, Aalto University (FI)
24 x 33 cm mixed media on wood, 202324 x 33 cm mixed media on wood, 2023
24 x 33 cm mixed media on wood, 202324 x 33 cm mixed media on wood, 202324 x 33 cm mixed media on wood, 2023
33 x 24 cm mixed media on wood, 2023
'Hip' 2023 - 28 x 21 cm, mixed media on paper
28 x 21 cm, mixed media on paper, 2023
30 x 20,5 cm, mixed media on paper, 2023

Landscape of an
unknown memory

Set of paintings for Kompott group exhibition which was presented at Habitare fair as well as Lokal Gallery, Helsinki, during fall 2023. The selection curated by Katja Hagelstam.
'Landscape of an Unknown memory' 2023 - 44 x 25 c, mixed media on canvas photography (c) Katja Hagelstam / Lokal
'Vase' 2023 - 120 x 100 cm, mixed media on canvasHabitare Fair 2023

Horse Eye

01.    “Horse Eye is a portrayal of aging in some kind. I view time as coincidental and overlapping, rather than a clear linear path—perhaps this perspective is reflected in my artwork.

Initially, there was an intention to paint something else, but my interest in charcoal took over. I became captivated by the lines it creates. It just happened. I painted through drawing; after all, I am a drawer.

These lines might serve as the foundation and structure for my future artworks. The eye. The foot. The wings. Also included: skull, horse, hipbone, flowers, hourglass sand, and a pelican out of nowhere. Things happen, happen, happen until they don't happen anymore.”

02.    Exhibited at Bud Helsinki September 2023

'Pinocchio' 2023 - 91 x 123 cm, charcoal and casein on cotton'Little Vanitas' 2023 - 89 x 116 cm, charcoal and casein on cotton
'Pelican' 2023 - 91 x 123 cm, charcoal and casein on cotton
14 x 10 x 7 cm, hand-build ceramics, 2023